Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The Little Red Hen - English Short Stories for Kids.

The Little Red Hen - English Short Stories for Kids

On a beautiful farm, there lived many animals and birds. One day, Little Red Hen found a grain of wheat in the farmyard.
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She asked the other animal and birds on the farm, "Who wants to plant this wheat grain?". The duck, Cat, and the goose were lazy and quickly refused to do any work.
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So, little Red hen planted the grain of wheat. When the wheat was ripe, the little Red hen again asked the others, "Who will take this wheat to the mill?".  The duck, Cat, and the goose again ignored the little Red hen and continued their work.
The Little Red Hen - English Short Stories              
When it was time to make bread with the flour, the little Red hen did all the work by herself. The duck, cat and the goose stood close thinking that they too would get a share. But the little Red hen refused to give the share and said, "I will eat my bread alone as I did all the work." She called her chicks and they all had a feast.

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I hope you all enjoyed the story  The Little Red Hen - English Short Stories for Kids.
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