Aladdin and The Magic Lamp - Short Story for Kids

Aladdin and The Magic Lamp - Short Story for Kids

Aladdin and The Magic Lamp - Short Story for Kids
Aladdin and The Magic Lamp Story
In a city far away there lived a poor boy Aladdin. 
Aladdin and Magic Lamp Short Story with Pictures

ne fine day, a suspicious merchant came up to Aladdin and said he will make Aladdin rich if he finds a magic lamp. Aladdin agreed to do, but he didn't know that the merchant was an evil wizard. 
The wizard cunningly took him to a mountain asking him to bring a lamp from inside the cave.
In the cave, there were gold, silver, and all kind of treasures. Among those was a magic lamp glowing in the dark.
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Aladdin took the Magic lamp and tried to get out of the cave. The wizard asked Aladdin for the lamp but he asked the wizard to fetch him out first. 
But the angry wizard closed the cave door and went. Aladdin accidentally rubbed the lamp, a genie appeared. 

Aladdin asked the genie to take him home as his first wish. Suddenly a magic carpet flew in and carried him out of the cave.
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Back home, Aladdin rubbed the magic lamp again and asked the genie for a big palace filled with riches. Genie granted him his second wish, now Alladin was the richest man in the city.
He got married to the princess of that city. 
Aladdin Short Story in English

The evil wizard who heard all of this was deeply angered. He went the princess acting like an old merchant and exchanged the magical lamp with a regular lamp. 
The wizard rubbed the lamp and made a wish. He asked the genie to give him Aladdin's palace and the princess. 
Aladdin and Magic Lamp - Short Stories in PDF

Aladdin hearing this news, sneaked into the evil wizard's palace while he was asleep. He stole the lamp and rubbed it. 
Genie asked Aladdin for his last wish, he commented genie to take the evil wizard far away. The evil wizard was never to be found again.
Aladdin rescued the princess and lived happily ever after in the palace.

You can also download this Aladdin and The Magic Lamp Story in PDF.

I hope you all enjoyed the Arabian Nights story of Aladdin and The Magic Lamp - Short Story for Kids.

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