Fairy tales are stories that range from those in folklore to more modern stories defined as literary fairy tales.

Here you will find the top 5 fairy tales short stories

1. Cinderella

Cinderella - English Short Story for Kids

Cinderella Short Story for Kids

Once upon a time, in a village there lived a beautiful girl named Cinderella with her wicked stepmother and two step sisters. She worked hard all day. One day, they all went to a ball in the palace, leaving Cinderella behind. Cinderella was feeling sad. Suddenly there was a burst of light and the fairy godmother appeared. 

With a flick of the magic she turned Cinderella into a beautiful princess with glass slippers and a horse carriage appeared at the door. The fairy godmother warned Cinderella to return before midnight. Cinderella arrived at the ball, the prince saw her and fell in love with her. 

They danced together all night. as the clock struck twelve, Cinderella rushed out to her carriage leaving one of her slippers behind. 

The prince went to every house in the town with the slipper until he found Cinderella. The Prince and Cinderella lived happily ever after

You can also download this Cinderella story in PDF.

I hope you all enjoyed the fairy tale Cinderella English Short Story for Kids

2. Beauty and The Beast

Beauty and the beast story with pictures and PDF
Beauty and the beast story
Once, a rich merchant was caught in a storm and took shelter in a nearby castle. There, he plucked a rose for his youngest daughter, Beauty. The castle belonged to a Beast. He stayed alone in the castle. 

Just as the merchant plucked the flower, the Beast growled. The scared merchant said, “this flower is for my daughter.” The Beast said, “if you want your life spared, then send your daughter to live here in the castle.”

The merchant returned home and told Beauty about the incident. Beauty assured him that she would be safe in the castle.

Soon, Beauty and the Beast became good friends. One day, Beauty went to meet her family. When Beauty returned, she saw that the Beast was dying. She cried “Oh! I love you.

The witch’s spell broke and the Beast turned into a hand some prince.

Beauty and the beast story for kids with Picture & pdf
Beauty and The Beast Short Story for kids with Picture & pdf

Beauty married the prince and they spent the rest of their life happily.

You can also download this Beauty and The Beast Story in PDF.

I hope you all enjoyed the fairy tale Beauty and the beast short story for kids.

3. Little Red Riding Hood

Little Red Riding Hood Short Story with Pictures and PDF
Little Red Riding Hood Story

Once Red Riding Hood left her home to visit her sick grandmother through a forest. Mother warned her not to speak to strangers. 

On her way, a wolf appeared and asked her, "Where are you going?". Little Red Riding Hood told him about her grandmother. 

The wicked wolf ran fast and reached her grandmother's house before her. He pretended to be Red Riding Hood and asked the grandmother to open the door. He entered the house and pushed the grandmother into a cupboard and locked it. Then, he disguised as her grandmother and waited for Red Riding Hood. 

Just as she entered the house, the wolf pounced upon her. She screamed as loudly as she could and ran. She found a door at the back of the room and opened the cupboard near it. Inside was her real Grandmother. Little Red Riding Hood unlocked her grandmother and escaped out through the front door. Red Riding Hood promised never to speak to strangers again.

You can also download this Little Red Riding Hood story in PDF.

I hope you all enjoyed the fairy tale Little Red Riding Hood short story for kids.

4. Princess Rapunzel

Princess Rapunzel story with pictures and pdf download
Princess Rapunzel Story pdf 

Once, a witch stole a baby girl named Rapunzel and took her to a tall tower with no stairs or doors, but only a window. Rapunzel had long hair, which the witch used to climb up the tower.

One day, a prince, passed by the tower, heard Rapunzel sing. He also saw the witch climb the tower. 
When the witch went away, the prince climbed up the tower. Rapunzel and the prince met and fell in love with each other. Soon, the witch returned. She cut Rapunzel's hair and left her in a desert. Then, she threw the into bushes and blinded him. Many years passed, the blind prince wandered alone and reached the same desert. He heard Rapunzel's song, followed her voice and found her. Rapunzel's tears of joy fell into the eyes of the prince and healed his blindness.
Princess Rapunzel Short Stories for Kids
The prince took Rapunzel to his kingdom and married her.

You can also download this short story in PDF.

I hope you all enjoyed the fairy tale Princess Rapunzel short Story for kids. 

5. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs story with pictures & pdf download
Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs Story

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful castle in a land far far away. In the magnificent castle there lived the most beautiful queen. 

The queen only had one wish to be happy and to have a beautiful baby girl. It was a cold winter day, the queen was sewing next to the window she saw a shooting star and made a wish to have a baby girl, with skin as white as snow, whose eyes are brighter than the shiniest jewel and has cherry red lips and her heart full of joy and happiness. 

And one day the wish of the good-hearted queen came true she had a beautiful baby girl they named her Snow White. The years went by, the queen becomes ill and soon after passed away. After a while, the king remarried another woman. The new queen had an evil heart. She was an arrogant and jealous woman. 

Every day the queen would look into her magic mirror and ask "Mirror Mirror on the wall who's the fairest of them all". The magic mirror would answer "No one your highness, you are the most beautiful one". The queen would be very happy with the answer. The years went by fast and snow white grew up to be a beautiful young girl. 

One day the queen was in front of her magic mirror and asked the same question. But this time the mirror answer "Well I am sorry but not you dear queen snow white is fairest of all. The queen was furious hearing it. She immediately called her Huntsman and ordered him to kill snow white. The huntsman took her to the woods but he couldn't hurt her. He asked her to run away from the castle and the evil queen. In the woods, she found a cute tiny house. She opened and entered the house. The house was very small and messy. Snow white started cleaning the house.

She found seven little beds. As she was tired from cleaning, she curled up on the beds and fell asleep. The Seven Dwarfs came back home from work. They saw snow white sleeping in their bed. She told them about what had happened in the castle. the seven dwarfs wanted to protect her from the evil queen.

The queen learned that snow white is still alive and decided to kill her. The evil queen disguised herself as an old woman and offered an apple to eat. Snow White took a bite of the apple and as she did she fainted. Dwarfs, while returning home saw the evil queen in the disguise of an old woman. They chased her to the top of the mountain. When she reached the mountaintop, she was hit by a lightning bolt and fell off from the mountain and died.

When the dwarfs returned home they saw snow white lying on the ground, she was in deep sleep. She was cursed by the evil queen. Dwarfs put snow white in a glass box made of most precious gems and kept the box in the forest.

One day the prince charming came to woods and found his dream girl lying there. He lifted her and kissed her. Snow White opened her eyes. It was the true love's first kiss that broke her curse. Snow White and the prince returned to the kingdom and lived happily ever after.

Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs story with pictures & pdf download

You can also download this Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs story in PDF.

I hope you all enjoyed the story Snow white and the seven dwarfs short story for kids.

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