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Hi all, Short Stories for Kids blog has many short stories, which are classified under four main headings Bedtime Stories, Fairy Tales, Moral Stories and Scary stories. Each and every Short Stories has many colorful and attractive pictures. These short stories are very easy for kids to read and understand. All the stories can be downloaded in PDF format from the given link.

Reading is a good habit for kids. It teaches them lots of good and new things. But kids now a days do not read. This Blog (Short Stories for kids) will tempt them to read, as it has awesome pictures. Through these pictures they will understand stories very easily.

Not only short stories, but also some rhymes and activities are also there. Kids will love it for sure. There are many activities like drawing, coloring, some English and Maths activities too.

About Author

Hi I am Bharathi Dhanasekar. I live in India with my husband and two kids. I used to read lots of story books  to my kids. Actually that habit of mine lead me to write these short stories. Story books doesn’t have many images explaining the story. It was difficult for me also to explain certain characters of the story to my kids. And that was the reason I have lots of colorful pictures in every stories I wrote.


Hope you and your kids love my short stories. Your feedback and comments are highly appreciated. 
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Thank you for your time. Have a good day!