The Lion and The Mouse ~ English Short Story for Kids

The Lion and The Mouse - English Short Story for Kids

The Lion and The Mouse Story with picture and pdf
The Lion and The Mouse Story

There lived a lion in a forest bush. Near the bush lived a mouse in a hole.
The Lion and Mouse - English Short Story
It was a hot day and the lion was taking rest after a long hunt. The playful mouse came out of his hole and started climbing up and down the lion. The running of the mouse tickled the lion and he woke up. 
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He caught the mouse and said. “You silly fool! You disturbed my sleep. I am going to kill you”.
Short Stories for children - The Lion and The Mouse
The mouse looked at the lion and plea in his face and replied humbly. “Oh king of the forest! Please do have mercy on this small creature! I have committed a mistake. If you excuse and pardon me I will surely repay you in future”. The lion was astonished by the bravery of the mouse and he let the mouse free. Days Passed.
The Lion and The Grateful Mouse Story with picture
Once, when the lion went for a hunt he got trapped in a net.
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He started roaring.

The mouse heard the roaring and thought, “The lion must have been trapped. I should help him”.  He ran to the net and started gnawing. 
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Soon, the net gave away and the lion got free. They became good friends.

Moral Of the Story:
  • Never Under Estimate Anyone.  
  • Even Tiny Things Can Be Of Immense Help.
  • The Smallest Acts of Kindness, make the Biggest Differences in Someone's Life.

You can also download The Lion and The Mouse story in PDF.

I hope you all enjoyed the story  The Lion and The Mouse - English Short Stories for Kids. 
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