Tenali Raman - Treasure in Well - Short Story for Kids

 Tenali Raman - Treasure in Well - Short Story for Kids

Treasure in well story

One day, when Tenali Raman and his wife were resting at home, they heard some leaves rustle in their garden. He knew it was the thieves and they were planning to rob his house. 
Tenali Raman and Krishnadevaraya's story

Tenali Raman thought of a plan. He shouted to his wife,  " I heard that there are some notorious thieves on the loose in our neighbourhood. So, let’s hide all the jewels and money that we have in the well".  
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Later, he came out with his wife to drop a big box into the well and went inside the house. 
They both pretended to sleep. The thieves in the garden saw this and were overjoyed. 
The Thieves and the well story in English With Moral

They started drawing the water out of the well. They thought of emptying the well and getting the treasure. By daybreak, they got the box. 

They were extremely shocked and angry to see just some stones in the box. They understood that Tenali Raman planned to make them Fool. 
Treasure in well short story pdf

Then, Tenali Rama came to the thieves and offered to pay money for watering his garden all night. 
Treasure in well short story

Hearing this, the thieves were very ashamed and asked for forgiveness. They promised never to rob anyone again. Tenali Raman forgave them.

You can also download   Tenali Raman story - Treasure in well story PDF.

I hope you all enjoyed the story Tenali Raman - Treasure in well short story for kids

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