Tenali Raman Short Stories For Kids

 Tenali Raman Short Stories For Kids

Tenali Raman short story with picture and pdf download
Tenali Raman story pdf

Who is Tenali Raman?

Tenali Ramakrishna was an Indian poet, scholar, thinker and special advisor in the court of Sri Krishnadevaraya who ruled from C.E. 1509 to 1529. His birth name was Garlapati Ramakrishna. He was also called Vikata Kavi and was also entitled to "Kumara Bharathi" for his works. He was a Telugu poet who hailed from a village called Tenali located in what is now the Andhra Pradesh region, generally known for the folk tales which focus on his wit. He was a great scholar and poet of the Telugu language. He was one of the Ashtadiggajas (the eight poets) at the court of King Krishnadevaraya, the Vijayanagar emperor. He was also a minister of the court.

Tenali Rama is well known for his brilliance and wit. Tenali Rama did not receive any formal education during his childhood but became a great scholar due to his thirst for knowledge. He was also known as the court jester(fool or clown) because of his witty and humorous stories. Tenali Rama had a fondness for solving issues using his intelligence and values, and hence, his stories make great bedtime stories for kids.

Acquaint your child with Tenali Raman's astonishing tales. All the stories of Tenali Raman tell us about his relationship with the king, his wisdom and his problem-solving capabilities. Nothing can beat the charm of reading these stories. Below are some of my favourite and famous Tenali Raman short stories for you. Your kids will love these moral stories.  All these stories are available in free pdf downloads.

List of Tenali Raman short stories.


  1. Treasure in well.
  2. The Secret of weaving invisible fabric.

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