Tenali Raman - The Secret of Weaving Invisible Fabric - Short Story for Kids

The Secret of Weaving Invisible Fabric Short Story for Kids

Invisible fabric story

One day a beautiful woman came to the court and said that she had a group of weavers who wove celestial fabric that couldn't be visible to the naked eye. The king was impressed and gave her a year to get the fabric woven. 
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He also let them live in the royal guest room and enjoy the royal treatment. However, after one year time, the lady didn't exhibit any fabric. 
Seeing this, the king ordered some of his men to check the weavers. The inspectors were taken to a room by the women where the weavers wove the celestial fabric. 

The inspectors were shocked to see no looms, spools or even a string of thread in the room. But the weavers were weaving the fabric in the air. The inspectors were confused and inquired the lady about it. 
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But the lady smirked and told them that the invisible or celestial fabric is only seen by the pure-hearted. Since the women said only pure souls could see, the inspectors appreciated their work. They also conveyed the King the same. 

The exhibition was held in the royal court and crowded with spectators. The women showed the weaved garment in the court. She said only the pure-hearted could see the garment. So, everybody in the court lied about seeing the garment. 
But the king said to Tenali that he couldn't see it. 

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Tenali told the king that the weaver was a fraud and said he would prove it. So he asked the lady to wear those garments and show their beauty. Knowing that she was trapped, the woman confessed her crime and begged for forgiveness from the King.

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