The Fifth Voyage of Sindbad the Sailor - Short Story for Kids

 The Fifth Voyage of Sindbad the Sailor 
Short Story for Kids

Origin of the Story:

Once there lived a poor porter Sindbad who came across a lovely mansion and envied its master. Sindbad the sailor who was the master of the mansion n enquired about his envy and offered him wine and food to eat. Then Sindbad the sailor narrated his story (Seven voyages) of how he became rich to the porter and others at his mansion.

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The Story of  Fifth voyage: 

The Fifth Voyage of Sindbad the Sailor with Pictures

Sindbad thought he would give up sailing after a near-death experience during his fourth voyage. But his love for the sea compelled him to make the same mistake again. He bought a new ship, hired a new captain and crew, and set out on a new journey. 
After a few weeks into the voyage, they decided to halt on an island. Sindbad Started exploring the island. Other crew members started to cook as they were hungry. 

They saw a bunch of crocodile eggs; they were so huge. The crew members collected the eggs and started cooking. Despite Sindbad's warning, they cooked and ate them. When the crocodiles saw us, they chased them and damaged the ship. Sindbad and the crew escaped from that island, holding onto a plank. Sindbad and the crew members were separated. 

The Fifth Voyage of Sindbad Short stories for Kids

Finally, Sindbad reached an island. That island had beautiful trees, sweet-smelling flowers, and low-lying fruits. Sindbad ate a few fruits and slept under the tree. He woke up and saw an old man standing beside him. The old man requested that Sindbad carry him on his shoulder and help him cross the river. Sindbad let the old man climb on his shoulder. 

After crossing the river, Sindbad kneeled and asked the old man to get down. But he did not leave his shoulder. Instead, he wrapped his leg around Sindbad's neck, half strangling him. The old man threatened Sindbad that he would kill him. Every day, Sindbad carried the old man on his shoulder. Whenever he tried to make the old man get down, the old man punched, kicked, and choked him. 

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One day, Sindbad came across a gourd and some grapes, and he got an idea. He broke the gourd in half, cleaned the insides, and made a cup. Then he took some grapes, crushed them, and poured the juice into the gourd. He let it sit in the sun for a few days to ferment. After a few days, he gave that juice to the old man. He drank it and asked for more cups. 
Finally, his legs loosened around my neck. Taking this chance, he threw the old man onto the ground and ran towards the shore. 

Sindbad saw a ship and swam towards it, then went to Baghdad. He accumulated so much wealth and was finally ready to go back and help the poor and enjoy the wealth he had amassed through trade.

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I hope you all enjoyed the Arabian Nights story, The Fifth Voyage of Sindbad the Sailor Short Story for Kids

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