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The Second Voyage of Sindbad the Sailor – Short Story for Kids – Exquisite Journey.

The Second Voyage of Sindbad The Sailor

The Second Voyage of Sindbad The Sailor

Origin of the Story:

Once, a poor porter named Hindbad came across a lovely mansion and envied its master. Sindbad, The sailor who was the master of the mansion, enquired about his envy and offered him wine and food to eat. Then Sindbad narrated his adventures of Seven Voyages and how he became rich to the porter and others at his mansion. Every day, Sindbad would narrate his voyage experience to Hindbad and send him home with one hundred sequins.

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The Story of Second  Voyage:

Sinbad’s first voyage was very profitable. He became a wealthy man. He did not lack luxury or entertainment. But he missed the taste of the salt air and the thrill of travel and adventure. Soon, he found a newly-made ship with the best sail and equipment. He booked his place on the Ship and set the sail.

Sindbad Sailor Story
The Second Voyage of Sindbad the Sailor – Stories for Children

After many stops, the ship came to a peaceful island with no sign of human inhabitants. Sinbad roamed around, had lunch, and slept pleasantly. When he woke up, he found that his fellow travellers had already left. Sinbad decided to explore the island.

Sindbad Sailor Story
Arabian Nights Stories for Children

Suddenly, the sky turned dark. Sindbad thought it was a large storm cloud but then realized that the cloud was a giant bird. He ran towards the trees and hid behind them. Then Sinbad recalled traveller’s tales of a monstrous bird called Roc. He was so desperate to escape the deserted island that he was willing to try even the maddest ideas.

Sindbad Sailor Story
Second Voyage of Sindbad – Bedtime Stories for Children

He crawled out of his hiding place and crept towards the brooding bird. Sinbad climbed onto its giant claw and tied himself to its leg using the cloth from his turban. The bird started to fly up in the sky and landed in a deep ravine. Sinbad untied himself from the bird’s foot and dived behind a rock.

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Sindbad Sailor Story
Second Voyage of Sindbad Story for Kids

He looked around and found that it was the home of enormous serpents, each the size of a palm tree. He saw that the entire place was full of huge diamonds. Just one of those stones could make a man wealthy. Sindbad spent that night in a cave in fear. The morning, he wondered a little way down the valley.

Sindbad Sailor Story
Sindbad Stories with Pictures

While walking down the valley, he found a huge piece of meat dropped from the sky and landed on the rocks. Suddenly, he recalled a traveller’s tale of a dangerous mountain range where a few merchants would drop pieces of meat into a valley, hoping that diamonds would stick to them. They would wait for an eagle to pick the meat and carry it to its nest. Then merchants would climb to the nest, scare away the bird, and recover diamonds.

Sindbad Sailor Story
Second Voyage of Sindbad – Arabian Night Story

Sindbad filled his pocket with diamonds, then taking off his turban, he attached the meat to his chest. The giant bird came and carried the meat off to its nest with Sindbad.

Sindbad Sailor Story
Bedtime Stories with picture pdf

When the bird settled down in the nest, there was loud shouting, and stones were thrown into the nest, which made the bird fly off. Men approached and were surprised to see Sindbad. Sindbad shared the diamond with the man who helped.

Sindbad Sailor Story

Everyone safely reached the ship and sailed for Baghdad, and they sold the diamonds for a great fortune. Now, Sindbad has become twice as wealthy as before. The porter was in shock after knowing about the voyage. He was invited to hear another tale the following evening.

Sindbad Sailor Story

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