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The Sixth Voyage of Sindbad the Sailor – Short Story for Kids – Unforgettable Journey.

Sindbad Story
Sixth Voyage of Sindbad story

The Sixth Voyage of Sindbad The Sailor

Origin of The Story:

Once, a poor porter named Hindbad came across a lovely mansion and envied its master. Sindbad, The sailor who was the master of the mansion, enquired about his envy and offered him wine and food to eat. Then Sindbad narrated his adventures of Seven Voyages and how he became rich to the porter and others at his mansion. Every day, Sindbad would narrate his voyage experience to Hindbad and send him home with one hundred sequins.

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The Story Of The Sixth Voyage

Sindbad was living with his family happily. He started the business. He had all the wealth he wanted. But once again, his mind tricked him into going on another trip for thrills and adventure. He set sail with a few friends and merchants.

Sindbad Story

One day, as they were sailing across a few mountains, the ship captain said he had lost their way and didn’t know where they were. Suddenly, the ship crashed into a sea rock. The ship got wrecked. Many crew members drowned, and a few members, along with Sindbad, managed to swim and reach an island.

Sindbad Story
The Voyages of Sindbad The Sailor

They started to explore the island. They couldn’t find anything to eat. But they found diamonds, rubies, gems, and precious gems. Sindbad collected some in a bag. All the crew members except Sindbad died of starvation. Sindbad built a raft, took the gem bag, and started drifting along the course of the river for days.

Sindbad Story
Sindbad Story in pdf

He reached the island of Serendib (Sri Lanka/Ceylon). Some good people took him to the King. He narrated his entire story to the King and presented some jewels from his raft. He tells about the people of Caliph Harun al-Rashid and his great rule.

Sindbad Story
Sinbad the Sailor Sixth Voyage Summary

The King gave a cup carved from a single ruby as a present to the Caliph. The King ordered his man to arrange for Sindbad’s journey.

Sindbad Story
Sindbad Story Stories for Children

As Sindbad returned to Baghdad, he went to the Caliph and told him about the King of Sri Lanka. He gave the present to the Caliph. The Caliph praised the King. He shared his fortune with poor people. He was now wealthier than before.

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