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The Needle Tree – Best Moral Story

Needle Tree Story
The Needle Tree Story

The Needle Tree – Moral Story for Kids

There were once two brothers who lived on the border of the forest. The elder brother was extremely mean to his younger brother. He would eat all his brother’s food and wear his good clothes.

Needle Tree Story
The Needle Tree Story PDF

One day, the elder brother went to the forest to gather some firewood to sell in the market.

Needle Tree Story

As he went around chopping the branches of trees, he came upon a magical tree. When he started to cut the tree, the tree pleaded with him not to cut it.

Needle Tree Story

The tree said it would give the elder brother some golden apples. The elder brother agreed but was disappointed with the number of apples the tree offered him.

Needle Tree Story
The Needle Tree Story summary

Greed overtook him, and he threatened to cut the tree if it didn’t give him more apples. As he picked up his axe to cut down the tree’s trunk, the tree poured hundreds of needles on the boy.

Needle Tree Story

The elder brother lay on the ground, crying in pain.

Needle Tree Story

As the sun began to lower the horizon, The younger brother grew worried and decided to go in search of his elder brother.

Needle Tree Story
The Needle Tree Story Pictures

He found him with hundreds of needles piercing his skin. He rushed to his brother and removed the needle patiently with love.

Needle Tree Story

The elder brother apologized for mistreating him and promised to be better.

Needle Tree Story

The tree saw the change in the elder brother’s heart and gave them all the golden apples they would ever need.

Moral of the Story:

  • It is important to be kind and gracious as it will always be rewarded.

Popular Quote: 

  • There is a Reward for Kindness To Every Living Thing – Prophet Muhammad.

  • A Kind and Compassionate Act is often its Own Reward – William John Bennett.

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