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The Seventh Voyage of Sindbad

The Seventh Voyage of Sindbad The Sailor 

Origin of the Story:

Once, a poor porter named Hindbad came across a lovely mansion and envied its master. Sindbad, The sailor who was the master of the mansion, enquired about his envy and offered him wine and food to eat. Then Sindbad narrated his adventures of Seven Voyages and how he became rich to the porter and others at his mansion. Every day, Sindbad would narrate his voyage experience to Hindbad and send him home with one hundred sequins.

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The Story of Seventh Voyage:

Sindbad, who had been on six voyages, decided to settle down and enjoy a peaceful life. But when the Caliph asked him to travel to Serendib to deliver a letter and a gift, Sindbad couldn’t refuse. He prepared his ship and sailed safely to Serendib. The King of Serendib received Sinbad with warmth and happiness as he was delighted to receive several exquisite gifts from the Caliph.

The Voyages of Sindbad The Sailor

After some refreshments, the king permitted Sinbad and his companions to return home. 

Unfortunately, disaster struck on the way back in the form of pirates. While Sinbad was lucky enough to survive, many others lost their lives at the hands of the pirates. The pirates then sailed to a far-off island and sold Sinbad and some of his fellow survivors as slaves. Sinbad was sold to wealthy merchant.

The Seventh Voyage of Sindbad Story in pdf

Sinbad was taken to a dense forest, armed with a bow and arrow, to hunt elephants and bring back their tusks. He surveyed the forest and managed to kill several elephants. 

One day, while resting, a large herd of elephants suddenly appeared and charged towards him. To save himself, Sinbad ran in the opposite direction. After recovering, he found himself on the other side of a great hill, where he discovered the bones and tusks of many elephants.

Sinbad the Sailor Seventh Voyage Summary

Sinbad decided to return to the city; after a day and a night of travel, he arrived at his master’s house. He informed his master about the Ivory Hill, where he had discovered many tusks. The merchant was delighted and took Sinbad and others to collect the tusks. His master was so pleased with the quantity of tusks they had collected that he wanted to send Sinbad back to his country.

Sinbad eventually reached Baghdad. The Caliph was delighted about his return. As a gesture of gratitude, Sinbad invited Hindbad and other daily visitors to a grand feast.

Sindbad Story Stories for Children

Conclusion of the Story:

Sindbad tells Hindbad about his seventh and final voyage, where he faced many dangers and narrow escapes. After finishing his story, Sindbad asks Hindbad if he thinks anyone has suffered more or had more narrow escapes than him. He replies respectfully, saying that his troubles were nothing compared to Sindbad’s. Sindbad then gives Hindbad a hundred sequins, counts him among his friends, and invites him to eat at his table daily so that he may always remember Sindbad the Sailor.

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