The Emperor’s New Clothes – Short Story for Kids

The Emperor's New Clothes
The Emperor’s New Clothes – Short Story for Kids

The Emperor’s New Clothes Story

There lived a proud and vain emperor who loved clothing. He was so obsessed with his appearance that he had a unique outfit every day of the year.

One fine day, two strangers arrived in town, claiming to be master weavers who could create the most beautiful and magical clothes. The news of their arrival soon reached the emperor’s ears, and he was curious to meet them. He ordered his footman to arrange a meeting with the strangers.

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The weavers greeted the emperor, and he asked them if they could make him the finest clothes that anyone had ever seen. They replied that they make splendid clothes that only clever people could see. They further added that the stupid people would not be able to see them. The emperor was intrigued and asked them to make him such clothes, offering them all the gold they wanted.

One week later, the weavers returned to the palace with the clothes they had made for the emperor. They showed him the clothes, but the emperor and his footmen could not see a thing. The weavers explained that only clever people could see the clothes, and they looked magnificent. The emperor did not want to appear foolish, so he pretended that he could see the clothes and praised them. His footmen did the same. The emperor was eager to wear his new magical clothes to a royal procession.

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The weavers continued to flatter the emperor, telling him how well the clothes fit him. The emperor gazed at himself in the mirror and admired his appearance. He was overjoyed that he would be the talk of the town. The emperor ordered to open the palace gates, and the procession began.

The crowd was amazed when they saw the emperor. They had heard that only clever people could see his clothes, so everyone cried out how splendid his majesty looked in his new clothes.

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However, a small child in the crowd cried out that the emperor had no clothes on. Everyone looked at each other and began laughing. The emperor realized he had been tricked and was walking around naked. But he was too embarrassed to admit it, so he continued the procession. The weavers had vanished with all the gold, never to be seen again. However, the emperor had become the talk of the town for years to come.

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