Cinderella - English Short Story for Kids.

Cinderella - English Short Story for Kids

Cinderella - English Short Story for Kids
Once upon a time, in a village there lived a beautiful girl named Cinderella with her wicked stepmother and two step sisters. She worked hard all day. One day, they all went to a ball in the palace, leaving Cinderella behind. Cinderella was feeling sad. Suddenly there was a burst of light and the fairy godmother appeared. 
Cinderella Story in English
With a flick of the magic she turned Cinderella into a beautiful princess with glass slippers and a horse carriage appeared at the door. The fairy godmother warned Cinderella to return before midnight. Cinderella arrived at the ball, the prince saw her and fell in love with her. 
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They danced together all night. as the clock struck twelve, Cinderella rushed out to her carriage leaving one of her slippers behind. 
Princess Cinderella Short Story with Picture & PDF
The prince went to every house in the town with the slipper until he found Cinderella. The prince and Cinderella lived happily ever after
English Short Stories for Kids
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I hope you all enjoyed the fairy tale Cinderella - English Short Story for Kids
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