The Dove and The Ant - Short Story for Kids

The Dove and The Ant - Short Story for Kids

The Dove and The Ant Short story with pictures and pdf
The Dove and The Ant Story

An Ant was walking back to her home after a day's work. 

She walked along the bank of the stream. But suddenly, she slipped and fell into the stream. 

The ant was petrified and tried to look for something to hold on to. She then realized that she was sailing with the stream, away from her home. The Ant Panicked and started crying out loud, "Help! Help!! Please help me!". The dove was watching all this from a nearby tree.

Thinking smartly the dove plucked some leaves from the tree and dropped it into the water near the struggling ant.
The Dove and The Ant - easy short stories for kids 
The ant climbed safely over the leaf and reached the shore safely.

The ant was grateful to the dove and thanked him. The Dove replied, "It is my duty to help someone in need. I am glad I could be of help to you." Then the Dove flew into the open sky. A few days later, the Ant was walking through the forest. She noticed a hunter with a gun.

He was aiming his gun at a pretty bird sitting on a tree. The Ant immediately recognized the dove and ran towards the hunter. 

As the hunter was about to pull the trigger of his gun, the Ant climbed up his shoes and bit him on the leg. 
The Dove and the Ant - short stories for kids with pictures
The hunter shouted in pain and missed his aim. The Dove flew away from the tree. The Dove was saved just in time. The ant walked away happily as she able to help the dove in return.

Moral Of the Story:  
  • One good turn deserves another.
Popular Quote:
  • Every good deed we do for others will surely come back to us. We rise by lifting others. - Robert Ingersoll.

You can also download this The Dove and The Ant story in PDF.

I hope you all enjoyed the story  The Dove and The Ant - Short Stories for Kids.
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