The Fox and The Crow - Short Stories for Kids

The Fox and The Crow - Short Stories for Kids
The Fox and The Crow Story with pictures and pdf
The Fox and The Crow Story
Once upon a time in a forest, there lived a cunning fox and a foolish crow. 
One day, the crow found a big piece of Cheese and sat on the branch of the tree. Fox saw a Crow sitting on the branch of the tree with a big piece of cheese in his mouth. 
The Fox and The Crow - Easy Short Stories for Kids 
The fox said to himself, "The cheese looks delicious and I am very hungry, Let me take it from the Crow". He went to the Crow and said " Good morning. You have a lovely piece of cheese with you. Can I please have a bit too?". But the Crow refused. The Fox begged to the Crow but the Crow wouldn't listen. He just sat quietly and eating his piece of cheese. But the Fox didn't give up. 

The Fox returned to the tree and said to the Crow," Are you the same handsome Crow that everyone in the forest has been talking about? You look beautiful. You also have lovely black feathers and a sharp beak. You have a beautiful voice too. Everyone in the forest is praising your voice. Can you sing a sweet song for me?". The fox saw the crow swelling with pride. The Crow was thrilled to hear the everyone in the forest was talking about him and praising him. He suddenly forgot all about the cheese and began to sing. 

The Fox and The Crow - Short Stories for Kids with Pictures
As the crow began to sing, the piece of cheese fell down from the tree and the fox caught it. 
The foolish Crow lost his cheese and sat crying on the tree alone. 
English Moral Short Stories For Kids
The fox ran away with the cheese. 

Moral Of the Story: 
  • Beware of flatterer.
Popular Quote: 
  • Beware of flatterer, he feeds you with an empty spoon.- Casino DeGregrio.
  • Avoid flatterers, for they are thieves in disguise. - William Penn.

You can also download this The Fox and The Crow story in PDF.

I hope you all enjoyed the moral story   The Fox and The Crow - Short Stories for Kids.
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