Two Goats - Short Story for Kids

Two Goats - Short Story for Kids

Two Goats - Moral Short Story for Kids
Two Goats Story
There was a river in a small village with a narrow bridge over it. 
Two Goats - Easy Short Story for Kids 
People used the bridge to cross over the river. The bridge was too narrow that only one person can cross at a time. 
One day, two goats wanted to cross over the bridge from the opposite direction. The goats met in the middle of the bridge. 
English Moral Short Story For Kids
The bridge was too narrow. There was no space for them to pass. They waited, but neither of them moved backward. 
One goat warned the other goat, "I am older and stronger than you, so go back once." 
Two Goats  - Short Story for Kids with Pictures
The other refused and said, "I am stronger. You are old and will take a lot of time to cross the bridge."
Soon, their argument turned into a fight. One goat struck the other goat with his horns. 
Two Goats   - Online Short Story for kids
The second goat was shocked. He knew if they continued fighting, then they would fall off the bridge and drown. He shouted out to the other goat, "Stop! If we fight, we will fall into the river and drown. Instead, I shall lie down, and you may walk over me." 
The wise goat then lay down on the bridge, and the other goat walked carefully over him.
Two Goats - Short Kids Story
So they finally went past each other and were on their way back home.

Moral Of the Story:  
  • People who think wise won’t get into unnecessary trouble.
  • A wise man makes his own decisions.
  • The Art of being wise is the art of knowing what to overlook - William James.

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You can also download this Two Goats story in PDF.

I hope you all enjoyed the moral story  Two Goats - Short Story for Kids.

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