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The Smart Vendor – Short Stories for Kids

The Smart Vendor
The Smart Vendor Story with Moral

The Smart Vendor Story

Once upon a time, a sly and cunning vendor always tried to outsmart his customers. A young boy approached him to buy some ripe and juicy berries from his cart one day. 

The Smart Vendor

The boy noticed that the vendor had given him fewer berries. Sensing something was amiss, the boy questioned the vendor, “Why are you giving me fewer berries?” The vendor answered, “The lesser the berries, the easier for you to carry. Now give me the money.”

The Smart Vendor
The Smart Vendor Story PDF

The boy handed over some coins to the vendor and left. But as he walked away, the vendor called out, “Hey, you didn’t give me enough money!” The boy turned around and replied, “The lesser the money, the easier it will be for you to count.” The vendor, taken aback by the boy’s wit and intelligence, had no choice but to let him go.

The Smart Vendor

Moral Of The Story:

1. Sometimes, even smart people are outsmarted.
2. Smart people can be outsmarted

You can also download this The Smart Vendor story in PDF.
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