The Curious Monkey – Short Moral Story for Kids

The Curious Monkey
The Curious Monkey – Short Moral Stories for Kids

The Curious Monkey Moral Story

One morning, a carpenter was sawing a large log of wood beneath a tree. The carpenter intended to split the log into two pieces. But due to the log’s size, he could only see half of it until noon. As he was hungry, he took a break from his work and went for lunch. Before leaving, he inserted a small wedge between the two halves to keep them apart.

While the carpenter was away, a curious monkey came down the tree and sat on the log with its legs on either side of the split. Its long tail was hanging down through the split in the log.

The Curious Monkey Moral Story with Pictures

The monkey was fascinated by the wedge and attempted to extract it. Suddenly, the wedge came out, and the log snapped together, severing the monkey’s tail.

The poor monkey lost its tail due to its curiosity.

The Curious Monkey Story in PDF

Moral Of The Story:

1. Look Before You Leap.

Look before you leap for as you sow, ye are like to recap. –  Samuel Butler.
RCuriosity is the Lust of the Mind. – Thomas Hobbes.

You can also download this The Curious Monkey Moral story in PDF.
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