The Fox and The Turtle – Short Story for Kids

The Fox and The Turtle
The Fox and The Turtle – Moral Story for Kids

The Fox and The Turtle Moral Story

Once, there was a clever turtle that lived in a lake. One day, he came out of the water to walk around. A Cunning fox hiding behind the bushes looks at the turtle. The hungry fox was excited to see a turtle, hoping it would make a delicious lunch.

He jumps from the bushes and catches the turtle. The turtle is shocked and scared for its life. The fox attempted to bite the turtle, but its hard shell protected it. Seeing this, the turtle gets an idea and speaks to the fox.

“Mr. Fox, I see you are having trouble eating me”, said the turtle. If you soak me in water, I will become softer and easier for you to eat me. “Fox smiled and said, “Do you think I’m foolish enough to let you escape in the water?” But the turtle insisted, “No… I am trying to help you. I can’t escape if you hold me under the water with your paw.” The fox thinks for a while, and then he agrees.

The Wise Turtle English Story with Pictures

He takes the turtle to the lake’s edge and places him in the water. He holds the turtle under the water with his paw and asks the turtle to signal when he is completely soaked. The fox waited a while and asked the turtle, “Are you soft now? I am starving and want to eat you.”

The turtle replied, “I am soaked completely except for the area where you put your paw.” The fox agrees and lifts his paw. When the fox lifts his paw, the turtle dives into the water and swims away.

The Fox and The Turtle Story in PDF

The foolish fox was shocked, and the turtle was happy that he saved himself with his witty mind.

Moral Of The Story:

1. Presence of mind can win you from danger.
2. Proper utilisation of the mind saves us from dangers.

The most important was to remain focused and always have the presence of mind. – Nafiss Joseph.
The presence of mind can become the strongest weapon in the battle of life. – Kirti Yadhuvashi.

You can also download this The Fox and The Turtle story in PDF.
I hope you all enjoyed the moral story – The Fox and The Turtle – Short Story for Kids.

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