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The Musical Donkey – Short Story for Kids

The Musical Donkey
The Musical Donkey – Short story for kids

The Musical Donkey Story

Once upon a time, a potter had a donkey. The potter was very poor, so he didn’t have enough to feed the donkey. Hence, the donkey was thin. During the daytime, the donkey used to carry loads for the potter. And at night, it was free to wander around.

The Musical Donkey

One night, the donkey wandered off looking for food. It ended up in a nearby field and began eating the crops. It continued for several nights until the donkey met a jackal.

The Musical Donkey
The Musical Donkey Moral

They became good friends. The jackal took the donkey to a nearby field full of juicy cucumbers, and they both ate their tummy full. From that night, the donkey and the jackal met every night and enjoyed the delicious cucumbers in the field.

The Musical Donkey

One night, after a hearty meal, the donkey said, “What a wonderful night? The moon is shining brightly, and I am so happy. I feel like singing”. ” No, no, my friend, you must not sing. It’s not a good idea? You will wake up the farmers, and you may not like their reward.”. But the donkey ignored the jackal’s wise advice and started singing.

The Musical Donkey
The Musical Donkey PDF

Hearing, the donkey Bray alerted the farmers. They came rushing to the field with their sticks. The wise jackal knew what would happen next and jumped over the fence for safety.

The Musical Donkey

But the donkey kept singing till the farmers found him. Once they did, they beat him up and chased him out of there. The donkey felt sad for not listening to the jackal’s advice.

The Musical Donkey
The Musical Donkey Story with Pictures

Moral Of The Story:

1.Think before you act
2.We must always consider good advice.

Think before you act; Think twice before you speak. – Thomas Browne.
Regret is unnecessary. Think before you act. – William Shockley.

You can also download this The Musical Donkey story in PDF.
I hope you all enjoyed the moral story –  The Musical Donkey – Short Story for Kids.

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