How the Crow Got Black Color - English Short Story for Kids.

How the Crow Got Black Color - Short Story for Kids

A boy named Aarav got a doubt of "How the Crow Got Black Colour" so Aarav ran to his mother with a picture and asked "Mummy, why are crows black?" Mummy Laughed and said, "Well, there was a time when crows were actually white."
How the Crow got Black Color - story with picture & PDF
And she started telling a story, "A long time ago, the sun asked a crow to deliver a ruby which he had put into a silken bag for his beloved, who was a princess on earth. While passing over a village, the crow felt hungry and decided to stop for a while.
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He hung the bag on a small branch of a tree and flew off in search of some food. Meanwhile a merchant noticed the bag and pocketed the ruby. Instead, he put some rubbish in the bag. When the crow took the bag to the princess, she saw the rubbish in the bag and became very angry. Later, when the sun came to know what had happened, he was so furious that under his burning glare all the feathers of the crow got burned and turned black.

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I hope you all enjoyed the story How the Crow Got Black Color - English Short Story for Kids
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