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Thumbelina – English Short Story for Kids

Thumbelina - Short stories for kids
Thumbelina Story

Thumbelina – Fairy Tales

A kind woman planted a seed given by a wizard to have children. A  little girl came out of its flower. She named her Thumbelina.

Thumbelina - Bedtime story for kids

One night, a toad carried away Thumbelina as a bride for her son.

Thumbelina - Story with pictures
Fairy Tales Stories – Thumbelina

Thumbelina did not want to marry the ugly toad and escaped with the help of a beetle

Thumbelina - story in PDF
Thumbelina short story

It was winter. Thumbelina took shelter in the house of a mouse. The mouse suggested she marry his rich neighbour, the mole. But Thumbelina refused.

Thumbelina short story pdf
 Thumbelina Short Stories for Children

One day, she found an injured swallow and nursed him back to health.

Thumbelina Kids Stories

The swallow heard her story. He asked Thumbelina to sit on his back and flew away to the warm land.

Thumbelina Kids Stories
 Thumbelina English bedtime story for kids

The swallow flew over to a huge white flower and set Thumbelina down upon it. There, Thumbelina saw a tiny flower fairy, the son of the flower king. They both fell in love with each other and got married.

Thumbelina Short Stories for Kids

You can also download this Thumbelina story PDF.

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