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Beauty and The Beast – English Short Story for Kids

Beauty and the beast Story

Beauty and the Beast – Fairy Tales

Just as the merchant plucked the flower, the Beast growled. The scared merchant said, “This flower is for my daughter.” The Beast said, “If you want your life spared, then send your daughter to live here in the castle.”

Beauty and the beast Story

The merchant returned home and told Beauty about the incident. Beauty assured him that she would be safe in the castle.

Beauty and the beast Story
Beauty and The Beast – Short Stories for Kids with Picture

Soon, Beauty and the Beast became good friends. One day, Beauty went to meet her family. When Beauty returned, she saw that the Beast was dying. She cried “Oh! I love you.

Beauty and the beast Story

The witch’s spell broke and the Beast turned into a handsome prince.

Beauty and the beast Story
Fairy Tales Story in PDF

Beauty married the prince and they spent the rest of their life happily.

Beauty and the beast Story

You can also download this story in PDF.

I hope you all enjoyed the fairy tale Beauty and The Beast – English Short Story for Kids. 

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