The Wolf and The Goat ~ English Short Story for Kids

The Wolf and The Goat - English Short Story for Kids

The Wolf and The Goat Short Story with picture and pdf
The wolf and seven little goats - English short stories for kids
Once there lived a goat with seven kids near a forest. Everyday the kids went to the forest to play. One day, the kids were noticed by a wolf.
The Wolf and The Goat - Short Story with picture & PDF
It secretly followed the kids to find their home. The next day, before leaving home the Goat told its kids to be alert and it would come back soon. Soon after the Goat left, the Fox reached the home. It called from outside, " Kids open the door, Mommy is back". The innocent Kids opened the door. The Wolf attacked the little ones. He ate six little goats.
English Short Stories for Children
His tummy was full, he burped and left home. When the mother returned, she was shocked to see the door open. The kids were nowhere to find. One of the little goat came running to his mother. He said everything that happened. The Mother goat went out searching for the Wolf. They saw him Sleeping under a tree near the house.
The wolf and The Goat Story
The mother goat very quietly went near him and slit open his tummy and took her kids from the tummy and filled it with big stones and stitched it back with tread and needle.
English Short Stories for Kids
The wolf was so thirsty when he wake up. He went near the well to drink water. The moment he bent down to drink water, he couldn't handle the weight and felt into the well.
The Wolf and The Seven Little Goats 
Atlas the wolf died and the goats lived very happily.

Moral Of the Story:  
  • Wicked ones are always punished in the end.
  • If you will be bad to others, bad happens to you too.

You can also download this The Wolf and the Goat Story in PDF.

I hope you all enjoyed the story  The Wolf and The Goat - English Short Stories for Kids
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