Monday, July 11, 2016

Little Red Riding Hood - English Short Story for Kids

Little Red Riding Hood - English Short Story for Kids

Red Riding Hood left her home to visit her sick Grandmother through a forest. Mother warned her not to speak to strangers. 
Red Riding Hood - English kids Story
On her way, a wolf appeared and asked her, "Where are you going?". Little Red Riding Hood told him about her grandmother. 
Little Red Riding Hood Short Stories for Children
The wicked wolf ran fast and reached her grandmother's house before her. 
Fairy Tales Stories - Little Red Riding Hood
He pretended to be Red Riding Hood and asked the grandmother to open the door. He entered the house and pushed the grandmother into a cupboard and locked it. Then, he disguised as her grandmother and waited for Red Riding Hood. 
Little Red Riding Hood Kids Stories
Just as she entered the house, the wolf pounced upon her.
Red Riding Hood Children Stories
She screamed as loudly as she could and ran. She found a door at the back of the room and opened the cupboard near it. Inside was her real Grandmother. Little Red Riding Hood unlocked her grandmother and escaped out the front door.
Little Red Riding Hood - Short Story with picture
Red Riding Hood promised never to speak to strangers again.

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