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The Evil Book – Scary Short Story for Kids

Evil book Story
The Evil Book Story

The Evil Book – Scary Story for Kids

Anne walked into the little toy store and bought a storybook about vampires, witches, and werewolves. That night, Anne read the first story.

Evil book Story
Scary Stories for Children

It was about a vampire that sucked human blood. As soon as she put the book down after completing the story, she heard a scratching at his window. She looked up and saw an ash-faced man, with beetroot lips and two protruding dagger-like teeth staring at her. 

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Evil book Story
Bedtime Scary Story for Kids

Anne screamed in terror. When her parents came running and went to check, the windows were empty. 

Evil book Story
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There was no one. The next day, Anne read the second story about evil witches who locked up little boys. As she was going to bed, she looked up at the window. She could not believe her eyes. An ugly old woman with a crooked hat stared at her. 

Evil book Story
The Evil Book Online Short Stories

Anne ran to call his parent. Her parents too saw the witch and believed her. Then her father found the evil storybook and threw it in the fire.

Evil book Story

As the book was burning, the witch disappeared.

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