Sara and The Wicked Pen || English Short Story for kids

Sara and The Wicked Pen || English Short Story for kids

Sara and The Wicked Pen story with picture and pdf
Sara and The Wicked Pen Story

Sara was a lazy girl. She never completed her homework. One day, Sara went to an antique shop with her uncle. Sara was over joyed when her uncle bought her an old pen.
The Wicked Pen story - English Short Story for Kids

Sara took the pen to school the next day. In the class, the teacher asked Sara to show her homework. Expecting punishment, Sara showed her the incomplete work. "Very good Sara. For once, you have finished your homework," said the teacher. Surprised, Sara looked at the notebook and was startled. Her homework was neatly done.
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Just then another boy John stated crying. His notebook was torn to pieces. The entire class was shocked. None knew how that happened. Every day the pen would complete the notes for Sara, but in return another boy would lose his notebook. By then, Sara understood that the pen was wicked. This troubled her so much that she buried it.
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