The Blue Duckling ~ English Short Story for Kids

The Blue Duckling story for kids

The Blue Duckling - Story with picture and PDF
The Blue Duckling story with pdf

A duck and her duckling lived in a pond near a Farm.
The Blue Duckling Short Story pdf

One of the ducklings was very naughty. One day when Mamma Duck was away, the little duckling sneaked out of the pond. On the way, when he looked up at the blue sky, he thought of flying in the blue sky among the clouds. He dived into the air and floated among the clouds.
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When he got tired, he thought to go back home. But he couldn't find his way back home. He was lost. He flew here and there but could not find his home. He felt very tired. He lost all his strength and fell down from the sky into a bucket containing blue paint.
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He came out of it and looked around. He saw the Pond which was near the farm. When he came back to the pond, no one recognized him. His body had turned blue.
The Blue Duckling Short Story with picture & PDF

He tried to wash in the pond, but the colour didn't go. he is still known as the blue duck.

You can also download The Blue Duckling Story PDF.

I hope you all enjoyed the story  The Blue Duckling Short Story for Kids.

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