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The Little Mermaid – English Short Story For Kids

Little Mermaid Story

The Little Mermaid Story

Once, a mermaid saved a prince from a wrecked ship in the deep blue sea. But before he could wake up, she had to leave.

Little Mermaid Story
Mermaid and Prince Short Story

The prince remembered only her sweet song. But the mermaid had fallen in love with the prince. She wanted to marry the prince but she was not like other girls. She had a tail instead of legs.

She went to a witch and gave up her sweet voice in exchange for legs.

Little Mermaid Story
The Little Mermaid Stories for Kids

The witch warned the mermaid, “You shall never be able to return to the sea.” The mermaid reached the prince’s palace to meet him, but could not express her love for him.

Little Mermaid Story

There was a lot of pomp and show in town as the prince was getting married to a princess. Hearing this, the mermaid became very sad. She left the palace but the prince brought her back and married her instead.

Little Mermaid Story

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