The Fox and The Goat - Short Story for Kids

The Fox and The Goat Short Story for Kids

The Fox and The Goat Short story with picture and pdf
The Fox and The Goat Story

One day, a fox was roaming in the jungle. It was a hot summer day. The fox was extremely thirsty but could not find any water. 

He kept on walking and suddenly he saw a well. 
The Fox and the Goat - Easy short stories for kids with PDF 

He leapt on the well's wall to check the water, he lost his balance and fell right into the well. The well was very deep, and the fox doesn't know how to get out of the well. 

He got really scared and screamed for help. Nearby the goat was passing the well. 

When she heard the fox she went to peep inside the well. The goat saw the fox and asked, "Hi Fox, what are you doing inside the well?". The fox said, Isn't it too hot outside? I just came into this well to cool myself off. 
The Fox and the Goat - short story for kids with pictures

Why don't you also hop in and enjoy this cool and refreshing water?". Not even thinking for a second, the goat jumped into the well. 

She enjoyed the cold water and drank to his heart's content. 
Moral Story for Kids - The Fox and the Goat Story

After some time, the goat stops and asks the fox " How are we going to get out of this well?". The fox replied, "If you stand on your two feet and push me up I can manage to reach the top of the well and get out, after that, I will get u out". 

The goat once again without thinking twice does as the fox said. The fox got out. 
The Fox and the Goat - online short stories for children

The goat asked, "Hey Fox! What about me? How would I get out?". The fox said "I guess you have to think about it on your own" and the fox left the place.
The Fox and the Goat Short Story pdf
Moral Of the Story:  
  • Look before you leap. 
Popular Quote: 
  • Hasty decisions can lead to wasteful outcomes. - Reed B Markham.
  • It is in your moments of decisions that your destiny is shaped. - Tony Robbins.

You can also download this The Fox and The Goat story PDF.

I hope you all enjoyed the moral story - The Fox and The Goat Short Story for Kids.

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