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The Miller His Son and The Donkey – Short Story for Kids

Miller and Donkey Story
The Miller His Son and The Donkey Story


A long time ago, an old Miller and his Son had an Ass who was quite old and could not work anymore. They decided to take the Donkey to the village fair and sell him.

Miller and Donkey Story

The next day, they took the Ass and started walking towards the fair. As they were walking someone from the village laughed loudly at them saying, “Look at them. They have an Ass and still, they are walking. What is the use of such an Ass?”. On hearing this, Miller asked his son to sit on his Ass and started walking himself.

Miller and Donkey Story
The Miller His Son and The Donkey Short Story pdf

They had gone a little further along the road, and they heard three merchants whispering, “Oh see! The son is cruel. He is comfortably riding the Ass while his old father walks this long distance. He should be ashamed of himself.” The son felt guilty. He got down from the Ass and asked his father to sit instead, just to please the merchants.

Miller and Donkey Story

Further, along the way, they met some women carrying market baskets. They asked the miller, “Why are you riding the ass while your son walks? The ass looks strong enough. Why don’t you both sit on the ass?”. The miller took their suggestion and both the miller and the son started riding the ass.

Miller and Donkey Story
Miller Son Donkey Story

Sometimes later, a group of people on the road remarked, “Look at the poor ass! So much burden on his shoulder”. The miller and son felt sad for the ass. They tied the ass’s legs to a pole and carried him.

Miller and Donkey Story

When they reached the market everyone in the village burst into laughter at this site. Even the ass was embarrassed.

Miller and Donkey Story
Miller Donkey Story with picture

He began to kick, and he tried to pull away to free himself from the rope. Just as they were crossing a bridge, he moved side to side and accidentally fell into the river.

Miller and Donkey Story

By trying to please everybody, he had pleased nobody and lost his ass forever.

Miller and Donkey Story
The Miller and Donkey Short Story pdf

Moral of the Story:  

  • Please all and you will please none.

  • If you try to please everybody, you will please nobody.

Popular Quote: 

  • I can’t tell you the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody. – Ed Sheeran

  • If you are busy pleasing everyone, you are not being true to yourself. – Jocelyn Murray

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I hope you all enjoyed the moral story – The Miller, his Son and their Donkey short story for kids.

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