The Bundle of sticks - Moral story for kids

The Bundle of sticks  -  Moral story for kids

Once upon a time, an old man who was a farmer lived with his three sons in a village. They were lucky to be rich, but they didn't have respect as their sons kept fighting among themselves. 
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One day, the farmer called his sons and said, "My sons, I am growing old. It's time for me to retire from my duties. But before I do, I have a competition set up for you all. The winner will receive a huge reward. " 

The sons asked the farmer what they have to do. The farmer gave each son three bundles of ten sticks and asked them to break each stick. The one who breaks them the fastest will be the winner. It was an easy task.

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The sons broke each of the sticks into two pieces quickly. As soon as they finished, they started fighting again. One son said, "I won." The other son said, "How can you win when I broke all the sticks first? I won. " The other one said, "No! I broke the sticks first, so I am the winner." 

The farmer shouted at them to stop and said that the competition was not over yet and they still had one more task to do. The farmer handed over another bundle of 10 sticks to each son. He asked them to break the entire bundle of sticks into two without pulling out individual sticks. They tried hard, but they could not break their bundles of sticks. 
The Bundle of sticks moral story

The three sons complained that it's difficult to break the bundle of sticks, but a single stick individually can be broken easily. The farmer said, "You three are also like these sticks. 

As long as you stay united like a bundle, nobody can harm you, but if you keep fighting amongst yourselves, you are like individual sticks easy to break. The three sons understood the wisdom in their father's words.

Unity is Strength - Bundle of Sticks story

Moral Of the Story:  
  • Unity is strength. 
  • When we are united, no one can stop us.
Popular Quote:                                          
  • Individually we are a drop but together, we are an ocean. - Ryunosuke Satoro
  • Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much - Helen Keller
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I hope you all enjoyed the moral story The Bundle of sticks short story for Kids.

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