The Wizard of Oz – Short Story for Kids

Wizard of Oz Story
The Wizard of Oz short story

The Wizard of Oz  – Short Story for Kids

Once upon a time, a girl named Dorothy lived in Kansas City with her uncle. She was playing with her dog, Toto. They were best friends. When a scary cyclone came their way, Dorothy and Toto hurried to the basement. But, before they could get there, the hurricane lifted their house and blew it away. 

After a few minutes, it fell somewhere with a thud! Dorothy stepped out of the house. Dorothy was shocked to see that the house had landed on someone. Just then, Dorothy and Toto heard people behind them rejoicing. They praised Dorothy for saving them from the evil witch of the East. Just then, another witch appeared. She was the good witch. 

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The Wizard of Oz story online

She thanked Dorothy for saving them and asked whether she needed anything. Dorothy asked the witch how she could return to Kansas City. The witch advised her to seek assistance from The Wizard of Oz and to follow the yellow brick road that would lead to him. She also gave Ruby magical slippers to Dorothy. Dorothy thanked her for the slippers and followed the yellow brick road with Toto. 

On the way, she met a scarecrow who could talk. Scarecrow said he wanted to be a great thinker but didn’t have a brain. Dorothy asked him to follow her so that he could ask for help from the Wizard of Oz

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The Wizard of Oz bedtime story

Walking a few miles further, they met a tin man. He was sad as he didn’t have a heart. Dorothy said they were on their way to see The Wizard of Oz, and he could ask the wizard for the Heart. The Tin Man joined them and walked down the yellow brick road. 

As they walked further, they saw a whimpering lion who didn’t dare to fight back. Dorothy and others consoled the lion and asked him to join them. So that lion can ask The Wizard of Oz for courage. After a long walk, they reached the emerald city.

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The Wonderful Wizard of Oz  – Short Stories for Kids

They met The Wizard of Oz. He asked Dorothy to defeat the Witch of the West. They agreed to the wizard’s terms and left to find the evil witch of the West. But the witch was well aware of Dorothy and planned to kill her. 

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As her first attempt, she sent a pack of wolves to stop them. But the Tin Man hacked at the wolves with his axe until they all ran away. Secondly, a group of crows came from the sky and started attacking. The Scarecrow stepped forward and scared all the crows away. Next, the evil witch sent flying monkeys. The lion roared, and the monkeys flew away. 

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They made it to the witch’s castle. Dorothy grabbed the bucket of water that was lying there and threw it at the witch. The witch started to shrink and melt away.

Dorothy and her friends made their way back to Emerald City. The Wizard of Oz welcomed them and granted all their wishes. 

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The  Wizard of Oz Fairy Tales

Dorothy also asked about her desire. The wizard asked Dorothy to tap her shoes three times, thinking of the place she wanted to go. 

Dorothy said a tearful goodbye to her friends. She took Toto in her hands and tapped the shoes three times. 

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The Wizard of Oz short story pdf

Magically, Dorothy and Toto were back, safe and sound, and landed back at her home.

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I hope you all enjoyed the Fairy tale story – The Wizard of Oz short story for Kids.

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