The Prince with Donkey Ears – Short Stories for Kids

The Prince with Donkey Ears
The Prince with Donkey Ears Fairy Story

The Prince with Donkey Ears – Fairy Tale

Once upon a time, a king and queen lived unhappy because they could not have children. They decided to go deep into the woods and meet with three fairies – the beautiful, intelligent, and wise fairy.

After listening to the King’s plea, the fairies agreed to grant him a son. The beautiful fairy said, “My wish is that your son will be the most handsome of all men.” The intelligent fairy said, “My wish is for your son to be smart.” And then came the wise fairy, who said, to everyone’s astonishment, “My wish for the prince is for him to have the ears of a donkey.” And then the three fairies vanished into thin air.

The prince with Donkey Ears story pdf

As time flew, the prince grew into a beautiful and intelligent boy, but to everyone’s surprise, two small donkey ears started growing on his head. The King was horrified and decreed that the prince would wear a special hat to cover his ears, and he would never take it off.

The prince grew arrogant because of his beauty and intelligence. According to him, nobody was good enough. He would criticize everyone around him.

The Prince with Donkey Ears story for kids

One day, while the prince was getting a haircut, the royal barber discovered his donkey ears and kept the secret.

But, unable to keep it to himself any longer, the barber dug a hole in the meadow and yelled out loud, “The prince has donkey ears! The prince has donkey ears!”. Soon, a reed field grew upon that ground, and whenever the wind blew, it seemed to whisper, “The prince has donkey ears! The prince has donkey ears!”

The king with donkey ears story

People began to make fun of the prince and whisper to each other that the hat he always wore was used to hide his donkey ears. One day, the prince decided to take his hat and reveal his secret. He said, “Yes, it’s true; I have donkey ears. And I am sorry that I would point out all your faults, unaware I could have even bigger ones.”

At that moment, the wise fairy appeared and said, “See, little prince, if it weren’t for me, you would have turned into an arrogant and selfish man. You need donkey ears no more.” And with a wave of her wand, the donkey’s ears disappeared.

King Donkey Ears story summary

From that day on, the prince turned into a compassionate man, and whenever he heard someone making fun of others, he would say, “Be careful, my friend. You never know when you’ll get donkey ears.”

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I hope you all enjoyed the fairy Tale The Prince with Donkey Ears – Short Story for Kids.

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