12 Dancing Princesses – Short Story for Kids

12 Dancing Princess Story

12 Dancing Princesses – Fairy Tale Short Story for Kids

Once upon a time, the king had 12 beautiful daughters. These 12 princesses lived all together in a big beautiful room. The king protected his daughters with heart, he did not even allow them to go out.

The Twelve Dancing Princesses story

But every morning they would wake up the shoes of the princesses would all be worn out as if they had danced all night long. The king had to buy his daughters new shoes every day. Neither the king nor his men in his castle could solve the mystery shoes.

The king said whoever solves the mystery of my daughter’s shoes will get to marry you whichever daughter of mine he chooses to become my son-in-law and get to be the king, but he has three days and three nights to solve it otherwise he will spend his life in prison. Many men in the kingdom and even princes from other kingdoms came to the castle, but none of them could solve the mystery.

12 Dancing Princesses Online Short Stories

Finally, a goodhearted young man also wanted to give it a shot, and so he made his way to the castle.

On his way, he met an old lady who asked him for a piece of bread as she was hungry. He gave all his food to the old lady and in return, she gave a magical cape to him, she also asked him not to drink what the princesses gave him.

12 Dancing Princesses  Short Story for Kids with picture

The first night the young man forgot about the old lady’s warning and drank the juice that the princesses gave and fell asleep.

The second night the youngest princess came with juice, the young man drank the juice without thinking as he was very tired of standing a long time guarding the room. once again he fell asleep.

12 Dancing Princesses Fairy Tale – Easy Short Stories for Kids

The next morning he woke up and remembered the old lady’s words. It was the last night, and the princess came with a glass of juice, but the young man was aware now. He took the glass from her and when the princesses left he threw it in the pot near him and went to bed pretending to be sleepy.

At midnight he wears the invisible cape and goes to the princess’s room, where he sees 12 princesses dressed beautifully.

12 Dancing Princesses – Short Stories for Kids with Pictures

The eldest princess moved her bed and clapped three times, a secret passage opened. One by one all the princesses walked through the staircase, and the young man followed them.

The stairs lead to the forest where the trees whereof silver, the young man broke a branch and kept it.

12 Dancing Princesses short story pdf

After a long walk, they stopped by the edge of the river, in the river there were 12 boats with 12 princes in them. All the princesses got into the boat, and the young man got onto one of the Princess boats.

They crossed the river and came to a big shiny castle, all the princesses went into the castle and started to dance, the young man followed them.

The princesses danced till their shoes wore out. The young man took a golden cup from the castle.

The princesses danced till morning then they got on to the boat crossed the river walked through the forest and finally walked the long staircase and came back to the castle.

The young man was happy as he solved the mystery. The next morning the king asked him about the mystery, and the young man told him everything. The king at first couldn’t believe him but when he showed him the silver branch and golden cup the king knew he was telling the truth.

The king kept his promise and granted him to marry his daughter. The young man asked the youngest princess to marry him, and they lived happily ever after.

You can also download this Fairy Tale – The Twelve Dancing Princesses story PDF.

I hope you all enjoyed the fairy tale 12 Dancing Princesses – Short Story for Kids.

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