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The Fourth Voyage of Sindbad the Sailor – Short Story for Kids – Deadly Journey.

Sindbad Sailor Story

The Fourth Voyage of Sindbad The Sailor 

Origin of the Story:

Once, a poor porter named Hindbad came across a lovely mansion and envied its master. Sindbad, The sailor who was the master of the mansion, enquired about his envy and offered him wine and food to eat. Then Sindbad narrated his adventures of Seven Voyages and how he became rich to the porter and others at his mansion. Every day, Sindbad would narrate his voyage experience to Hindbad and send him home with one hundred sequins.

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The Story of  Fourth Voyage: 

Once again, Sindbad left with a few other merchants for his next voyage. They travelled for many days. Sindbad was enjoying his journey.

Sindbad Sailor Story
The Fourth Voyage of Sindbad the Sailor – Stories for Children

One day, a storm made the sea wild and fearsome. Thunder, lightning, strong winds, and heavy rain made it difficult for them to sail. All the men and their goods were thrown into the ocean. They took the support of drums, wooden planks and whatever they could to save their lives. After a few days, they reached an island. They decided to explore. 

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Sindbad Sailor Story

After a long walk, they found a fine house. Sindbad saw some people near the house and approached them for help. They offered Sindbad and the crew some food and drinks. They were sent to the barn to rest. The next day, they again offered them food to eat. They all slept again after eating. Sindbad and the crew only got up the next day. Sindbad became suspicious. Again, they gave food and drinks. The same thing continued for days. All the crew members became fatter and fatter. Sindbad then realized the true intention of the tribal people, so he stopped eating. They were cannibals who ate humans.

Sindbad Sailor Story
Fourth Voyage of Sindbad the Sailor Story pdf

The members were fattened up to be eaten. Sindbad was allowed to go as he was thin with little flesh. He walked and walked and finally reached a magnificent city. Sindbad met the king of that city, and he explained everything to the king. The king was impressed with Sindbad’s adventure and offered him a job. Sindbad worked there happily.

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Sindbad Sailor Story

One day, the king called Sindbad and rewarded him with a beautiful and wealthy wife. He stayed in that country and continued his work. Suddenly, his wife died of illness. 

Sindbad Sailor Story
Sindbad Short Stories for Kids with Picture

The deceased person was dressed in the finest clothes and precious jewellery. Sindbad was shocked and didn’t know what to do. The soldiers dragged Sindbad with his dead wife. They first lowered his wife, then the Sindbad down into the cavern (a deep hole under the ground) with a large jug of water and seven loaves of bread. He looked around at the grim tomb. He decided to eat and drink as little as possible to prolong his life. And so he lived in the darkness among the bodies without knowing how many days and nights had passed. 

Suddenly, Sindbad heard a rustling; it was a fox. He was happy he followed the sound. On the way, he collected many precious diamonds and jewellery. He saw a chink of light and crawled towards it. Sindbad found himself on the shore of the sea. He was so happy to see the ship that was loading goods. The captain and the crew gave a Sindbad ride to Baghdad. He traded some ornaments to the captain. After he returned to his house, he shared some with poor people. 

Sindbad Sailor Story
Fourth Voyage of Sindbad the Sailor Stories with Pictures


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